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Same Old Stuff

from 30 AWD YEARS by Awdbawl



Same old stuff a lotta years

Just so you are all aware
Same old stuff a lot of years
It’s the stale subject of failed justice and fallen tears
I stay in touch with it but aint enough discussion going on upstairs
We’re in constant fear because they want us scared
It’s weird the motto that once brought us here
Is bring me your impoverished and your bottom tiered
Those promises have not adhered
We played along then waited longer and we’ve gone nowhere
It’s death before dishonor neither Donald or Obama care
Lets say you volunteer to march into the college square to acknowledge somethings not as fair
Then cops appear and block the way u walk while popping shots of toxic air
How in the failed fuck has this become so common here
See I’ve been waiting months and their response is clear
Steady saying nothin and it’s hard to hear this government is not sincere
You can’t make this up the situation sucks beyond repair
But heres the latest fluff thats on the air
Same old stuff a lotta years
Same old stuff we got it year round
Today is just tomorrow’s mirror
But they adjust it to appear now 

Okay enough we got it , yea It’s been awful here
Coughing from cops who teargas the people watching near
Many were not prepared
We’re all just volunteers for our fellow fallen peers
So what’s the problem here officer?
This ain’t a bluff it's not a dare
Same old comfy office chair
But say something that u don’t often hear
We’ve been stuck on thoughts and prayers
This is looking like the publics cross to bear
So we should take this up a notch
Fuck a cop fuck a cop

There aint no love loss not in here nah
But they won’t budge cause they hardly care yea
They say so what and you can’t make em rush
Cause Its been the same old stuff for a lot of years

There aint no love loss not in here nah
But they won’t budge cause they hardly care yea
They say so what and you can’t make em rush
Cause Its been the same old stuff for a lot of years

We gotta find way this time
But we just can’t erase the lines of racism that taints this nations pride
Cause hatreds always based in basic lies if you debate they just deny it
So let the human race accumulate and fucking riot
They label us defiant
I blame it on the giants
Lay the favorite when the Davids vs. Goliath
Cause we can take this guy if we just try it
I’m Aiming high adjacent to the eyelids
Cause two can play the side of blatant violence

But This is nothing new
It's an ugly truth
If a system is abused then
Shit doesn’t improve
It's a flawed institution
They want us to feud
But thats not the solution
It’s hard to undo
Cause the boss is confusing
But FOX interviews him
We fought revolutions just to stop what were losing
The cops keep on shooting
Theres nazi’s saluting
We’re caught in a loop and these knots need to loosen

Cause hatreds not inherited
It’s based on some embarrassment
Or maybe its some fake shit that your parents said
But either way it's wearing thin
Just like the phrase we’re all American
Cause thats a flawed experiment thats marauding in arrogance
So there it is
Go do your worst I dare you pigs
Cause We’re the perps that barely flinch
Until the first canary kicks
You’re either very pissed or clearly you don’t care a bit
Thats fair I guess but let me say one sentence and thats where it ends.


from 30 AWD YEARS, released April 4, 2022
Written by Awdbawl
Produced by Vallo
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Vallo at South Bay Sounds


all rights reserved



Awdbawl Gardena, California

Do you and loop it.
-Awdbawl Pawl

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