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from 30 AWD YEARS by Awdbawl



Halos horns and homilies
We pray to lords and play lotteries
Watch pagan porn on Halloween
And then the babe is born then bada bing

When waging war for god and king
Your native norms are not a thing
So stay indoors they may enforce
The blatant laws of sovereignty

They came they conned they commandeered
Then claim we calmly volunteered
The chains are gone, the game is on
The blame is not belonging here

We’re played like pawns and all is fair
They prey upon our common fears
This may involve the mating call
That baby’s moms and fathers share

The date is on your all prepared
Her make ups on with awesome hair
No trace of flaws she opts to wear
Your favorite thong and hot brassiere

Our brains are washed so all thats there
Are stains we got from modest wear
The angry mob has came and gone
I stayed here on my rocking chair

Holy hopes and honest deeds
Hold the hoaxes hostage
He’s been sowing oats for solace
And he’s quoting Crowley constantly

We’ll slowly roast a slogan while our golden globe gets tarnished green
no one knows the nominees
an overloaded lottery

I’m home alone and hardly seen
Folding clothes and gardening
My mobile phone it starts to ring I spoke hello who’s calling please

No one knows the nominees
We’re growing old with rotten rings
Jus gloating goats and gossip queens
I’m told the whole things obsolete

So name the more erotic fling
Relations or a shopping spree
We fake divorce then hock the ring
To pay for more exotic bling

Quotes were told of promised piece
The votes were polled but not released
The skull and bones control the throne they hold the most monopolies

These are random rants and ramblings
That I hand writ rather handsomely
Semantics that I sandwiched into stanzas on a fancy beat
Cause I’m a fan of where the faulty and the fractured meet
I graph before and after into chapters that I can’t complete

So I have not the slightest hint
Of how it could or might have been
Or if I’m in a place that simulates this pseudo life I’m in
I only pick a side if I can win it
So if I like the prize thats at the finish
I’ll devise a way to get it

So I whittled down a wizards staff
And wagged it like a magic wand
Then whispered words of wisdom
As I worshipped wiccan vagabonds

Cause no one knows the nominees
They’re lonely folks that bottom feed
The polls will show we only vote
To overthrow democracy

They’ve sold there souls for all to see
The show is over pardon please
I know it blows that’s how it goes
I’m going home don’t follow me


from 30 AWD YEARS, released April 4, 2022
Written by Awdbawl
Produced by Vallo
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Vallo at South Bay Sounds


all rights reserved



Awdbawl Gardena, California

Do you and loop it.
-Awdbawl Pawl

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