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Negative Space

from 30 AWD YEARS by Awdbawl



Who’s that the corner of my eye sees?
I need you to move back I warning you politely
Morning noon and nightly
I’m stuck it with what else can I say
But the get the fuck up out my negative space
I got this little dark outline
That gets traced into my shape when I go outside
I can’t leave without mine
It only seems to follow in the day though
I see it sneaking up and seek my solace where the shade grows
But it takes practice walking in pitch black
If the filament is cracked
Then my silhouette is absent
And still it’s like I’m never left alone
My second self keeps showing up
Like every step is known
So instead of trying to run
I’m becoming numb
And detaching from my shadow in the sun
Cause there can be only one

I got a bogey on my six
Sometimes it’s hard to notice like it’s totally eclipsed
Shit is low key as it gets
I’m not sure of the appropriate defense
It’s not posing any threats at least for now but I’m not holding any breaths

I’d leave my demon at the door
But it jus squeeze in even more
It seems it’s only evenings that it’s easily ignored you see
I filed the forms I’ve even ordered restraints
My smile is worn so there’s really not much more I can take

It’s like I’m sitting with a stranger
That lays low till the rays are in its favor
A scape goat thats blamed for misbehavior

This is the doxxing of my not so distant dark half
My carbon copy opposite, a contradicting broadcast
I’m constantly adopting every optimistic stop gap
And I’m not convinced the stalkings gonna stop yet

I still can’t figure what I’m looking at
Cant pick it up or put it back
Its quick as fuck and stuck under my foot agin
Maybe it’s the boogie man
Maybe I’m just pushing what it could of been
But I’ve been seeing footprints where my loogie’s land
I put a wooden wedge between us but it wouldn’t budge
I used my foot to stretch the seams ,it wasn’t good enough
I tried to rip it but I really didn’t move it much
And I couldn’t snip the stitches so i’ll just assume its stuck 10

They label it a fact of life
A daily thing a lack of light
A staining of unnatural night
These aliens are acting bright
But half the time it’s closer to the ghost of a friend
when it approaches though it’s mostly pretend
Cause there can be only one


from 30 AWD YEARS, released April 4, 2022
Written by Awdbawl
Produced by Vallo
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Vallo at South Bay Sounds


all rights reserved



Awdbawl Gardena, California

Do you and loop it.
-Awdbawl Pawl

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