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Glad I Got A Wife

from 30 AWD YEARS by Awdbawl



Its easier to say it with a pen
So I wrote a letter to the ladies from the men
I know this probably ain’t the way It should begin
So let me just get straight into then
Ps. Maybe it offends

The one that’s just your type can be a typo
The weirdo you can like
And Mr right can be a psycho
The apple of your eye was an ass way back in high school
And the fascinating guy from your class now gets an eye roll
You could meet the man of your dreams
He’ll never seem like the fantasy you frantically fight for
Or you can have a chance with a king and you’ll pass cause it seems
Like you didn’t feel a spark from the start when it just lights slow
They don’t manufacture the kind of man that your after
They don’t make a plastic design of a brand new bachelor
You don’t stand a chance at just finding a handsome actor
And you can’t plan a path where your life’s a romantic chapter so
Love the one you’re with for there specificness
Everyones significant
celebrate your differences
And don’t get so caught up on first impressions
Cause they’re the worst for guessing
Wait until a persons second
Cause you can date until you finally find who’s right
But don’t get blinded by the sight of every shining armored knight right
Cause if you’re waiting for that strong and silent type
You might miss the real kind of guy you like
Man I’m glad I got a wife
Cause I’ve had a lotta life
So can u handle some advice?
All those fantasies are nice
But reality is like …

I’m grown I know
It’s complicated fasho
It’s not the way it’s often stated off the pages of vogue
But stop debating bout the mate you ain’t met yet
I’ll make you a bet
Soon as your patient you’ll be taking that next step
But if you race to pretty faces for sex
Or only chasing occupations that can pay off your debt
You need to face it that’s relationship death
Erase those regrets
Or lay there naked as they pay there respects
See conversations are just basically tests
A way to detect
You nominate em or you’re wasting your breath
You see
You can find dimes by the dozens
Limes and lemons
Guys and women
Talking nines and above em
How many y’all find that you love em though
Thats fine but who doesn’t? Those
Totally stubborn wives and husbands so
Rise above all the pride your minds stuck in and just dive in
Cause love is disguised don’t hide from it
You’re depriving your self of the finer side
Life is a diamond mine
Just gotta find the right one and you’ll be alright
And if there shine is not as bright
That don’t mean they’re not the kind of guy you like
Man I’m glad I got a wife
Cause I’ve had a lot of life
So can you handle some advice
All those fantasies are nice
But reality is like…

You ladies want the right
Height and weight
No five foot eights
Drive a brand new ride with no license plates
Straight ripped with abs
All your outfits drip with class
Tip in cash, never split the tab
Stay patient and clear
Never fake sincere
Be rarely late
And have a great career
You gotta clean and cook
And read mad books
Have good looks and a 13 inch foot
With bank that don’t bounce only gains amounts
And have a savings account that you ain’t takin out
Now if that’s the type of man you like
Then ask my wife how she snagged one
Ha yea right
I’m jus glad I got a wife
Cause I’ve had a lot of life
So can you handle some advice
All those fantasies are nice
But reality is like…


from 30 AWD YEARS, released April 4, 2022
Written by Awdbawl
Produced by Vallo
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Vallo at South Bay Sounds


all rights reserved



Awdbawl Gardena, California

Do you and loop it.
-Awdbawl Pawl

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